Ancient Wisdom As If It Were New

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Great leaders know that to achieve a great outcome, they have to see it as already accomplished in their mind's eye.

Visualization and imagination are two of the most powerful tools that great leaders have at their disposal.

Visualization, in particular, is a technique that has been shown to have significant benefits for people who use it. This is particularly true for elite sportsmen and sportswomen, who not only train their bodies to break their limits and write new records in history, but they also visualize themselves winning the championship and successfully passing through the most difficult challenges they are presented with. The ones who visualize themselves are the ones who win.

Playing with your imagination, on the other hand, has a number of benefits as well and can be used in many different ways by leaders. This technique allows you to envision new concepts, and new ideas to create new paths and new neuronal pathways. The more you play with your imagination, the more your feelings are going to be involved as well, and as you already know, manifestation is brought to reality when your thoughts, your feelings, and your imagination are doing the same thing at the same time.

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2022-05-23 293 Yellow (420 × 300 px) with play button

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