Crisis: Good or Bad?

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Leaders know that a crisis can be viewed and interpreted as being bad or as being an opportunity to optimize, grow, and improve. Great leaders choose to view it as the latter.

The way a leader interprets a crisis will determine the outcome of the situation. For example, if they believe that it is an opportunity to grow and improve, they will change their perspective on it. They will see opportunities in the crisis instead of catastrophes.

The choice of perspective is a key factor in how they view a crisis. It can be seen as either an obstacle or an opportunity. Great leaders know that it's their responsibility to help their employees or team members see the crisis in the most positive light possible, so there is less fear and more focus on the solution so that everybody concerned can quickly snap out of the crisis and handle it with grace and elegance.

Crises are opportunities for growth, but they can also be seen as a threat to one’s well-being and/or safety. Great leaders who understand that will know how to use crises in order to take advantage of them for the optimization of the team’s response organization, and everybody’s growth in knowledge, skills, and self-improvement.


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