VICT... which end will you choose?

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"There is a fine line between victim and victory. It's is just a couple of letters, and you choose." -- Sascha Gorokhoff

There is a fine line between victim and victory, but it is so close:

VICT... which end of the word will you choose?

Do you consider yourself a survivor - barely making it, still alive when told dead - or victorious over life obstacles and traumas?

Do you choose to see LIFE when others see death for you?

Do you choose to see LIGHT when others see the darkness of the starless night for you?

Do you choose to be RECOGNIZED as a victor or as a victim?

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When we met, I was a victim of domestic violence. You quickly taught me how to rephrase myself when telling my story to say that I am victorious over 15 years of domestic violence. That has changed everything in my mindset regarding this period of my life. I'm forever grateful for your leadership lessons!

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