Keep Uncertainty In Check

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Incremental changes are a powerful way to make improvements. Leaders know that by making these incremental changes they are keeping uncertainty in check which allows everyone to thrive.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning “change for the better”. The idea behind kaizen is to focus on small, incremental improvements rather than drastic change.

You can hire Sascha as a remote consultant who can help you make sense of your business and provide you with the tools and resources needed to implement ka…

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Incremental Change

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Leaders know that incremental changes are often better than revolutionary changes as it is easier for people to adapt and grow in increments.

Incremental changes are often better than revolutionary changes.

The Kaizen method is a Japanese philosophy of management. It is based on the idea that small, incremental changes will lead to more significant improvements over time. The process of change management can be broken down into two parts: determining what the change should be and implementing …

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Conscious Leadership

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Leaders consistently question the way things are done, not to mindlessly change them, but to consciously improve on them for every stakeholder.

Leaders are the people who are not afraid to question the way things are done and to improve them. They don't blindly change things, but consciously improve them.

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